JD Padgett

Web Development. Consultation. Research.


Dr. Jared Padgett manages campus communications full-time, specializing in web development and digital signage. He has worked with technology, business, and communications processes in healthcare and academic organizations. Dr. Padgett helps departmental and organizational leaders by developing and managing projects to facilitate organizational requirements. These projects have included co-organizing the first two international conferences on High Reliability Organizations, and participating in events planning and marketing for high-profile speakers including justices from the Supreme Court of the United States. Other projects included development of an interactive touch-screen display featuring faculty scholarship, ongoing development of micro-websites for law school conferences, development of the law school's social media presence, and leadership in a university-wide vendor search for digital signage. Dr. Padgett also provides consulting and web development services, ranging from professional businesses to personal blogs.

Web Design and Development

Dr. Padgett has been developing web sites since 1996. He has developed a variety of websites, web applications, and digital signage content over the last 20 years. Completed projects span the following categories:

  • e-Commerce
  • Brochure sites
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Database Resources
  • Church/Religious Organizations
  • Business Development
  • Band site and fan pages
  • Political Candidacy
  • Hobbies
  • Blogs
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Digital Signage interfaces


Dr. Padgett is currently acepting new clients by referral only, as he focuses on current projects.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage, also known as Out of Home Networking, or Digital Display, has been a rapidly evolving industry over the last decade. Upon joining his current employer, Dr. Padgett was tasked with managing the digital signage pilot rolled out just prior to his hire. Attending the Digital Signage Expo, he learned about all the various industries taking advantage of the new technology, and he built a plan to grow the network within his university. After earning Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) certifications as a Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE) and a Digital Signage Network Expert (DSNE), Dr. Padgett began speaking at the annual Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, and producing articles for eCampus News in order to educate other universities interested in starting a digital signage program, or in maintaining or growing their existing program.

Involvement in the annual Digital Signage Expo led to participation on the advisory board for the inaugural EduComm Expo, held in Atlanta Georgia in the fall of 2015. He retained his post on the advisory board for the 2016 conference, to be held in Chicago, Illinois in November of 2016. Digital Signage has become an important part of a larger communications strategy, and the various types of corporate or higher education communications platforms and strategies are covered in depth at the CorpComm and EduComm Expos.


Jared Padgett holds a DBA, specializing in Leadership, and an MBA in IT.


During his time in the healthcare industry, Dr. Padgett contributed to the research program at Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (formerly Totally Kids Specialty Healthcare), which resulted in a series of national and international conference posters presented by clinical staff and physician leaders. Upon completing his doctorate, he resumed working on research projects within the organization, and was accepted as an inaugural fellow for the University of Phoenix Center for Healthcare Research. He is currently working on a study for publication with the research center. Dr. Padgett is also submitting for publication two articles based on his doctoral study along with Dr. Kenneth Gossett.

IT and Web Development

In addition to research interests in healthcare, Dr. Padgett is currently pursuing IRB approval for a study on web design project management and High Reliability Organizations. He is currently teaching a course on Web Design Fundamentals at University of Phoenix.